A Brief Insight Of Highway Overpasses

November 3, 2021


Southwestern Team

Southwestern Industrial has worked on almost every major industrial sector that exists. In our efforts to expand and grow as a company, we’ve taken on new challenges we’ve had experience with constructing highway overpasses. The evolution of highway overpasses has had remarkable changes since their creation in the late 1900s. They started off for trains and railroads and are now a common connector for vehicles across the world. So, how did they start, and how have they changed since their creation? 

Importance Of Overpasses 

Overpasses have transformed the country. Our largest cities wouldn’t function without their spaghetti-like twists and turns. They guide us across the city, the country, and the world. As the first overpasses became lifted up into the air, floating over the ground below, they provided more accessibility for drivers everywhere. It all became even more accessible with the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956. The new law had authorized the construction of a 14,000-mile network of interstate highways. Part of this deal included overpasses and underpasses to avoid too many intersections. 

Overpass or Bridge? 

These overpasses brought together cities, gave access over other roads and bodies of water. They differ from a bridge in the sense that an overpass is considered a bridge, road, a railway and will tower over another road or area. A bridge, on the other hand, merely connects one area to another. Overpasses can come in several forms depending on what they’re trying to link together. 

The first overpass was a railroad flyover, constructed in 1843, made by the Longdon and Croydon Railway at Norwood Junction railway station. Fun fact, in the United Kingdom, they’re more commonly known as flyovers and not overpasses. They’re not only made for traveling vehicles, but you can also find them in areas where people walk over areas. Also, pedestrian overpasses have helped people cut through major areas in a safe and possible way. 

Southwestern Industrial Creating Always 

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