Plant Relocation

Plant Relocations in El Paso

Whether you need to relocate one machine or your entire facility within the United States or to overseas locations, Southwestern Industrial Contractors and Riggers have the qualified and professional personnel and equipment to get the job done, on time and within budget. Domestic or international relocations are handled with precision to help you get your plant production back on track in a timely and cost effective manner.

We have taken down and shipped complete manufacturing plants from the United States to China and have developed a specialty in manufacturing relocations anywhere in Mexico. Our plant relocation services are unique in that we pretest the reassembled machinery and train foreign personnel in the optimal and safest operation of the machinery. No matter how simple or complex your plant relocation needs are, our company excels in time sensitive relocations to ensure our clients have the least downtime and loss of production capacity possible.

Our technicians can disconnect, disassemble, crate, skid, load, haul, reassemble, connect, level, and start up your machines. When our customers require production line rework or new line integration, our personnel are qualified to design, fabricate, program, start up, and train your personnel in the operation and maintenance of your new equipment.

Southwestern Industrial Contractors and Riggers comprehensive turnkey solutions include inspecting the last production plant, shut down of the equipment, and start up of the equipment at the new location. We provide all the start up assistance needed to ensure that everything from the last part to the first part is handled with the speed and efficiency needed in our business environment. We do not release the equipment until we produce a good product in the new location.

Offering a complete range of relocation services

Manufacturing Plant Relocations

Energy and Industrial Plant Construction

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Mining Equipment Hauling and Installation

Equipment & Machinery Relocations

Crane & Equipment Rental

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Environmentally Friendly

Southwestern Industrial Contractors & Riggers is a green Corporation. We take every measure to protect the environment, religious sites, and rare species. Ecological and anthropological site audits if required can be provided and we can recommend site remediation and reclamation programs to Clients after industrial plant take downs or salvage operations.

The Plant Relocation Process

To ensure your plant relocation is successful, there are a few things to do, so it’s best to use a plant relocation checklist:

Equipment Condition Reviews

It’s important to note the condition of your equipment before relocating it, so you know right away if it’s been damaged in any way during transport. While our methods are safe and low risk, damages can occur and can result in possible accidents. Knowing it’s damaged, even when it’s not obvious, before using it can help reduce the risk of accidents. Conducting a condition review will also let the plant engineers know if the equipment is worth shipping or if it should be abandoned completely. All equipment should also be assigned an ID and entered into a database in case of loss.


Designing a layout of where everything is located in the original building before relocating to the next can help you determine the layout for the next facility. You can optimize machinery or put them in better places at the new facility based on past performance. It’ll also give us a clearer idea of where you want your machinery, making the process smoother.


  • A successful schedule will work with the production needs of the current facility. This process is typically the hardest, but working with a contractor and understanding your employees’ needs will go a long way.

Work Instructions and Coordination:

Developing a set of work instructions for your employees and the contractor you are working with will help keep everything organized and on a timely schedule. Coordination is important so that everyone is on the same track, which the work instructions will help with as well. Work instructions are usually sent out before the relocation begins, so the plant engineers and contractors can develop an even better plan. The work instructions should detail dismantling and disconnecting procedures and crating, protecting, loading, transporting, and cleaning processes. It should also contain the equipment inventory list.

This project plan will help keep everything organized and make sure the relocation goes smoothly. We have helped many companies relocate to facilities all over the globe. We’ll work with you to ensure your plant is relocated successfully. Call Southwestern Industrial Contractors and Riggers when you need machinery in your existing facility relocated across the street in El Paso or shipped around the world.