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Reliable Crane Rentals in El Paso and Beyond

Southwestern Industrial Contractors and Riggers has provided crane rental services to the El Paso area for more than a century and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Whatever you need when it comes to crane rentals, we have it all. Our crane services are affordable in order to meet every one of your construction, engineering, and project needs. Whether or not you’re familiar with cranes, we also provide operators to help you on the job. Your safety and productivity are our top priorities, so we are here to provide the best solutions for all your lifting needs with our expert lift planning and certified and licensed operators.

Crane Rental Services We Offer

With the best and most up-to-date equipment, our crane rental services are designed to take on several projects and tasks. Our certified staff of certified operators, riggers, and flagmen can provide the following services:

Crane and lifting

Operation and maintenance of crane rental

Rigging Systems

Gantry Systems

Forklift Systems

Lift Planning

Local trucking and transporting

Heavy hauling

Trans loading

Should you have any questions regarding what each of these services can do for your project, do not hesitate to contact us.

What to Expect from Our Crane Rental Services

When you rent a crane from Southwestern Industrial Riggers, we will provide all the necessary tools that are required to complete your project. We understand how busy construction sites get, there’s so much to take care of in just one day. By renting a crane with us, you save time and money, which are crucial for your construction project.

Types of Cranes We Have Available for Rent

At Southwestern Industrial Contractors, we have a fleet of cranes ready to work for you. The three types of cranes available, depending on your construction needs, include:

Boom Trucks:

These cranes are trucks that are built with a flatbed to carry a boom crane. As purpose-built carriers, these cranes are best if you find yourself in a position where you need to haul equipment around.

Conventional Cranes:

The most standard and versatile cranes are conventional cranes. These cranes are built with a telescopic boom which is attached to a mobile platform, providing stability and transportation.

Hydraulic Cranes:

Hydraulic cranes are best for heavy loads and lifting. The internal hydraulic system that creates a hydraulic crane makes it easier to lift and hoist equipment and materials.

Heavy Lift Cranes

2,000 – 80,000 lb. Forklift

400 – 500 Ton 4 Point Wedge Lock Lifts

400 Ton at 27 ft lift Gantry Systems

500 Ton at 30 ft. lift Gantry Systems

Operated Cranes

25 Ton to 165 Ton Heavy Lift Cranes

Hydraulic Cranes up to 250 tons

Lattice Boom cranes up to 165 tons

Specialized Lift Equipment

Safety is The Most Crucial Aspect of Any Project

We take the safety of our customers seriously. We are well aware of the risks that come with operating a crane, therefore we ensure each and every one of our rentals is equipped with safety equipment and is inspected on a regular basis.

At Southwestern Industrial Contractors, nothing is more important than your safety. As such, we take the time to educate our customers and conduct evaluations on all of our equipment. You can rest assured that you and your construction workers are in good hands.

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