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Crane Services and Equipment Rentals

Chances are, if you’re working on a huge construction project, you’ll need a crane to lift heavy items around the construction site and other equipment to ensure your project is a success. Whether you need to rent a crane for your next big project or need to hire someone to operate cranes at your construction site, Southwestern Industrial Contractors and Riggers, Inc. can help. Since 1920, we’ve been helping the heavy industry thrive around the world, especially here on the borderland


Cranes can help you move various objects on your construction site safely from one place to another. We can provide services involving a variety of cranes, including heavy lift cranes, lattice boom cranes, overhead cranes, mobile cranes, and hydraulic cranes. Heavy lift cranes can lift anywhere between 25 to 165 tons and includes the lattice boom crane, which can also lift up to 165 tons. A lattice boom crane is classified by its arm (the lattice boom). This crane works by mechanically raising and lowering itself using guy wires, a kind of cable commonly used in construction.

Hydraulic cranes can handle a bit more than the other two, being able to lift up to 250 tons. This kind of crane works by using hydraulics, which involves sending a liquid, usually oil, through a series of pumps to get the crane going. Hydraulic cranes are an asset when it comes to lifting large items, like beach houses or whales when they’re being moved between zoos or other facilities like SeaWorld.

Modular Lift Towers

Modular lift towers are commonly used as alternatives to heavy lift cranes. Typically, they can lift heavier items, with some lifting up to 1,600 tons, and many can be custom designed to fit the construction site’s needs. Modular lift towers can also be erected in less time than a regular heavy lift crane.

Rigging System

A rigging system is any kind of hoist and pulley system that can lift and move heavy objects. Our rigging systems include a variety of cranes, gantry systems, and forklifts, along with heavy haul transportation.

Crane Services

Big construction projects typically call for large equipment or pieces of material. Our crane services and rentals include:



Gantry Systems

We have two kinds of gantry systems for you to choose from depending on the kind of construction project you are working on; a 400-ton at 27 feet lift gantry system and a 500-ton at 30 feet lift gantry system. The main differences between the two are the weight capacities and height differences. A gantry system is commonly used to move freight and containers on docks and near large bodies of water.

Equipment Rentals

Sometimes bigger projects call for larger equipment-equipment you may not have. In addition to our crane services, we also rent out other equipment for your projects, like heavy haul transportation, forklifts, and four-point wedge lock lifts.



Forklifts are good for moving heavy items that aren’t heavy enough to require crane services. Our forklifts can lift anywhere from 2,000 to 80,000 pounds.


Heavy Haul Transportation:

When you need to get heavy and large freight from point A to point B, we can help. Our heavy haul transportation services include transporting cranes, equipment, and other materials to and from your construction site. Our variety of trucks and equipment gives us the flexibility to haul equipment anywhere, anytime.


Wedge Lock Lifts:

Our wedge lock lifts can lift between 400 and 500 tons. During operation, the system can lock to promote safety.

Safety, Efficiency, and Timeliness

Here at Southwestern Industrial Contractors and Riggers, Inc., we’re dedicated to keeping our work environment and equipment safe, which we believe is one of the most important factors of working on a construction site. We know it’s not just the equipment that counts, but the people who operate it as well. Our trained and certified engineers can help you get the job done safely and efficiently. No matter what you’re building or where you’re building it, you can count on us to help keep your work environment safe.

Trust Southwestern Industrial Contractors and Riggers, Inc.

Southwestern Industrial Contractors and Riggers, Inc. has countless years of construction experience. Before you start your next construction project, team up with industrial contractors you can trust. When it comes to your equipment needs, we’re here to help. Contact us today!

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