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Environmentally Friendly

Southwestern Industrial Contractors & Riggers is a green Corporation. We take every measure to protect the environment, religious sites, and rare species. Ecological and anthropological site audits if required can be provided and we can recommend site remediation and reclamation programs to Clients after industrial plant take downs or salvage operations.

El Paso Hauling & Professional Rigging Services

When you need something moved around your construction site or to a new location, our rigging and hauling services can help. Here at Southwestern Industrial Contractors and Riggers, we are dedicated to safely moving and relocating equipment and plants. The range of our services and projects is constantly increasing to meet the complex needs of a wide variety of customers around the world. We can take on the small jobs and handle the big ones. Give us a call and we’ll move it. Wherever you need the job done, whether North America, Mexico, China, South America, the Caribbean, or the Far East, we’re there to help. With offices in the U.S. and Mexico, and contact agents in other countries, we are truly a global company.

Rigging Services

Rigging is the process of using wire rope, turnbuckles and of the like to move equipment. Rigging is both a noun and a verb. It can refer to the equipment used and the act of moving the equipment. Our rigging services include material handling around a construction site and structure relocation.

Rigging can help move heavy machinery and equipment and uses a variety of different tools and equipment including:

Clevis Fasteners:

A clevis fastener is a three-piece fastening system that can be used to fasten construction materials together. The three pieces include a clevis, a clevis pin, and a tang that create a versatile fastener that can be used to in the farming, aerial, and construction industries.


A jackscrew is commonly used to lift heavy items or exert great force on other items. Most jacks are used for lifting vehicles and other heavy machinery.

Wire Ropes:

Wire ropes are strong because they’re comprised of many wires twisted together. They’re commonly used in construction, along with other equipment, to lift and pull machinery and equipment.


Turnbuckles are used to increase or decrease the tension and length on ropes and wires. Turnbuckles can be used for everything from simple projects to adding high-rises to large buildings.

Lifting Equipment:

Other lifting equipment, such as cranes, are also commonly used in rigging.

Southwestern’s team of on-site and contract certified civil, mechanical, structural, electrical, and safety engineers stand ready to solve your complicated and time-sensitive heavy rigging problems. The award winning combination of Southwestern’s innovation, engineering and technology offer customized solutions to your difficult rigging needs.

Hauling Services

When you need to move heavy equipment, materials, or your entire plant to a new location anywhere in the world, we can help! As a company, we’ve been awarded by the Specialized Carriers and Riggers Association for Best Hauling Job Award. Our locations in the United States and Mexico and our contacts all over the world make hauling what to different places across the world easy and efficient.

Whether you’re adding new equipment, relocating to a new plant, or building a new facility, we can haul materials and machinery wherever you need them to go. This includes heavy military armor and aerospace support being transported around the globe. Whatever the job, you make the right decision when you give Southwestern Industrial Contractors and Riggers a call.

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If you need a machine or equipment moved to a new location, you can trust us. At Southwestern Industrial Contractors and Riggers, we use high quality, dependable equipment and qualified personnel to get the job done. One piece or several, let our hydraulic gantries, hillman dollies, swivel skates, air skates, and power jack systems do the work for you! Our engineers are trained to move equipment safely across all distances so you don’t have to worry. Contact us today for more information.

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