A Brief Overview of a Steel Erector

November 3, 2021


Southwestern Team

Steel erection is such a typical job that many don’t realize that it’s happening every day and all around them. If you ever stroll by a construction site made of steel, you’ll see professionals working on various grinders and frames that make up the overall structure. These professionals are ironworkers, or better known as a steel erector. They’re an essential part of our social infrastructure, and they don’t just work on buildings. Many of their jobs include rehabbing older parts on highways and bridges. It’s a fascinating job, but what does it entail? Here’s a brief breakdown of the job of a steel erector. 

What Is A Steel Erector?

A steel erector works to install steel beams, grinders, and columns to create frames within buildings. It’s a very rigorous, demanding, and at times dangerous job. Steel erectors get various types of training that are required for them to properly understand their job. Some of the primary tasks a steel erector does on their day-to-day job include:

  • Unlading the prefabricated steel and staking it in the proper order and position to be lifted into place.
  • Operates various types of cranes and heavy equipment to move the steel components into place.
  • Help their team position structural materials either by signals to the operator or physically doing so. 
  • Verifying that steel frames are adjusted and placed in the proper position
  • Welding, which involves beams, grinders, columns and ensuring it matches blueprints.
  • Crafting of extra components needed for steel frames in a fabrication shop that is typically off-site. 

Other Jobs A Steel Erector Is Used For 

As intense as the construction aspect of a steel erector’s job may sound, they’re used for other smaller construction tasks. As they use cranes and forklifts as a key part of their day, there are other ornamental works that are in need as well. They focus on architectural detail pieces that are much calmer than a whole building. They work on everyday parts such as: 

  • Fences
  • Entrances
  • Door Frames
  • Stairways
  • Windows
  • Catwalks
  • Gratings
  • And more!

So, the skill set needed and the capabilities that come with being a steel erector are almost endless. There’s also a large safety aspect since they deal with such dangerous materials and situations. 

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Load with the Right Equipment 

Accidents can happen even before getting on the road. Some hauling accidents happen as loading takes place. Sometimes, a hauling company may have barely missed a loading accident. The chances of experiencing an accident prior to or during hauling are rather high. To prevent these accidents, it is important to use equipment that is designed to carry heavy loads. An evenly loaded truck is also best and easier to control.

Learn About Guidelines and Procedures 

If you plan on passing through several states, it is recommended that you look into the guidelines regarding how much weight can be carried on heavy hauling trucks. There are local regulations and state regulations, so inquiring about both is the best choice you can make even before loading equipment up.

Look at the Best Routes 

Depending on where you’re going, you could experience heavy or light traffic. You might even have the bad luck of running into construction. It doesn’t have to be this way every time you’re hauling equipment. By checking up on routes ahead of time, you can be aware of which roads encounter the most and least traffic.

Take a Quick Safety Check 

The last and most important thing to do when hauling equipment is to take a quick check that everything is loaded as it should. You’ll want to double-check on securing equipment, making sure everything is tied, and that is balances out to keep the heavy haul trucks from leaning too much to one side. This quick check can keep you from experiencing an accident during hauling.

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