Benefits Of Prefabrication In Construction

November 3, 2021


Southwestern Team

Ever wonder how that hotel, offices, or other buildings go up so quickly when construction only started a few days ago? You would be surprised to know how many buildings get created with prefabrication methods. Prefabrication methods include the process of making components of buildings on a separate site other than the site the building itself will go up on. Companies like Southwestern Industrial will move the individual units to the final location and complete the building process.

Using prefabrication has many advantages, such as reducing the cost of labor and materials, along with less waste. That’s just a starting point. The benefits include so much more! 

Prefabrication Means Green 

When it comes to modern construction, prefabrication methods do wonders compared to traditional construction methods. Traditionally, construction uses more materials which leads to more waste overall. Prefabrication primarily uses materials that can be recycled. A traditional site has a lot of its materials go straight to landfills. Having a controlled environment when creating these pieces means better insulation and will increase energy efficiency in the long run. 

Better Consistency and Quality 

A great perk also comes from the ability to use factory tools which add to overall quality assurance. Since parts are getting created in a controlled environment, they must follow specific guidelines and standards, in turn making them uniform. If a worker is on-site, then they must have the skills and abilities to work with what they have available at the time. This means that workers on-site must have an adaptive mindset and skillset to get many jobs done. 

Fabrication Creates Flexibility 

Since this kind of construction has that uniform appeal, you can use it for almost any kind of building type. It can also sit until needed and help with reducing disruptions at the main site. There’s significantly less amount of traffic, equipment, and materials around the main site as a whole. This can help with productivity and interference when working. It also means that if weather conditions interfere with the job, things can still get done on the prefabricated parts. 

Southwest Industrial Now Offers Prefabrication 

One of our highlighted services is our prefabrication abilities. We now can offer it to the public and are excited to make a change in the projects we work on. Let us know how our services help you complete the heavy jobs that no one else can do. Give us a call to learn more about our prefabrication methods!