Crane and Equipment Rental Services for More Convenience

November 23, 2021


Team Southwestern

Owning your own equipment can be a blessing or a curse. On one hand, you have all you need ready and available to you the minute you need them. On the other, you have to find a place to store your equipment. This can mean renting a storage space, which costs money. In addition, most heavy equipment also needs regular inspections and maintenance. This is just another cost to your businesses bottom line. Instead, why not choose a crane and equipment rental service? In El Paso, there is no better company than Southwestern Industrial Contractor and Riggers when it comes to equipment and service.

Crawler Crane Rental

Many people think of cranes as simple straight forward machines: They lift and move. In reality they can be specialized for different projects. This makes the use of the crane extremely versatile. Starting with crawler cranes, these are good for construction sites that are far from established roads. They come with wide, tough tracked wheels to make off road driving easy and safe. Due to their size, these cranes have excellent stability. This makes it easier for them to lift more weight. A crawler crane can easily lift up to two thousand tons of weight. Having such power behind them makes them ideal for large scale construction, relocation, and demolition. Owning one of these cranes may not be as appealing however, as they require assembly, and space. By choosing a crane and equipment rental service, you can save yourself a lot of trouble knowing that the company will take care of these concerns for you.

Equipment Rental

Everything from jackhammers to jackscrews can be rented for a work site, allowing you to save a good deal of money. Each of these pieces of equipment are essential to the successful construction of your project. Without a quality jackhammer you will not be able to get a space ready for foundation. Without a jackscrew, you will not be able to move other pieces of equipment as needed. Owning these pieces of equipment may not be the best option for you though, especially if you do business across the nation. By using crane and equipment rental services, you can be sure to have the tools you need when you need it.

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