Crane Inspections: What Will Be Looked at and What to Expect

November 3, 2021


Southwestern Team

Whether you work with cranes on a daily basis or only on specific projects, all cranes have to undergo inspection. It’s no question as to why, these large pieces of equipment can be scary to work with, especially if you’re expected to be using them every day. Not only that, accidents can happen at any time and one of the best ways to prevent accidents is to look at what can be done or improved upon, and that includes cranes. Knowing what can happen in an inspection and what an inspector will point out can help you pay more attention to the quality of your equipment. Allow us to help you stay in the know with crane inspections. 

Different Kinds of Inspections 

There can be a specific inspection conducted on your crane, depending on OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), which requires that these inspections are done. You can have the typical monthly inspection but you might also have shift inspections, where an inspector can come in at any time and approach those who are operating the crane. There are also inspections that look specifically at modified equipment, repaired and adjusted equipment, severe services, and much more. 

Who Can Inspect Your Cranes and Equipment 

There are two types of people who can run an inspection on your crane: competent and qualified individuals. What’s the difference? A competent person is someone who can identify problems and has the authority to take measures that can either put equipment on hold or do what they can to eliminate hazards. A qualified person does a bit more than a competent person. A qualified person can do just the same, but not only do they eliminate hazards, but they can also apply solutions to resolve the matter. Each individual takes up different inspections. 

What an Inspector Will Look At 

There are many factors that are looked at in an inspection, but for the most part, an inspector will look at the overall function of parts, deterioration or leakage, distorted links, deformed or cracked hooks, and rope reeving. Even a small mishap can lead to an accident later on, which is why crane inspections are so important. 

Get Inspected with The Professionals at Southwestern Industrial 

If you’re looking for a quick but all-inclusive inspection to get your equipment up and running, you’ve come to the right place! It’s always best to come to a place where a team familiar with the projects and equipment you’re working with, which is exactly the case at Southwestern Industrial. Contact us today to learn more!