Different Kinds of Equipment Used in Cement Plant Construction

November 3, 2021


Southwestern Team

In a cement plant, it takes plenty of time, work, and equipment to keep the facility moving. Not only are these factors essential for workflow, but they are also critical for the creation of high-quality products and materials. One of the most complex job sites out there, the machinery and equipment in cement plants are what make it possible to execute and manufacture completed products as requested. There are several kinds of large equipment used in cement plants that are designed for special utilization. We take an in-depth look. 

Cement Mill Bearings 

Bearings are the mechanical elements that hold motion responsible for reducing the friction between mobile parts. A bearing is also designed to execute rotations in fixed axes, allowing other parts to move more easily. Bearings in a cement plant are what mix the cement. The common forms of motion that bearings adopt are hinge motion, spherical rotation, linear motion, and axial motion. 

Separators for Cement Plants 

One of the basic functions of separators in cement plants is to separate very fine-sized particles from very coarse particles. These separators play an essential role because they function to prevent over-grinding, which can lead to a waste of energy between machinery and equipment. Two different kinds of separators are used in these applications, known as dynamic separators and static separators. 

Rotary Dryer 

There are specific kinds of rotary dryers, but using the general equipment allows contractors to tackle all kinds of elements they might confront in their materials. Dryers are typically used in mining projects, to dry slag, limestone, coal, clay, grain, compound fertilizer, and much more. Cinder, sand, fly ash can also be inserted into a rotary dryer. Rotary dryers are commonly used in the metallurgy industry, mining, building and chemical applications. 

Fine Crusher 

These crushers are also known as tertiary crushers, which are used for the fine crushing of limestone, basalt, granite, quartz, iron ore, bauxite, and pebbles found in cement. It can even process and work with other harsh materials such as glass, metal, and construction waste. It has a high crushing ratio which makes it possible for the machinery to break down these pieces into very fine particles. 

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