History of Industrial Steel Erection

November 3, 2021


Southwestern Team

Steel erection is the foundation that crafted everything we see and know. Everything from billboards and signs, bridges, high-rise office buildings to commercial structures comes from the process of steel erection. However, it’s not one of the most popular terms that the public uses. It often gets covered up by merely classifying the project under construction. The truth of it all shows that steel erection is one of the top 10 most hazardous occupations for a reason. 

What is Steel Erection? 

Steel erection has been around for a long time and has changed drastically over the years. In the 1700s, French architects used iron to form the framework of roofs. This continued for years as English builders relied on iron to construct buildings and factories due to their ability to resist high temperatures if a fire occurred. Everything from columns, beams, and window frames had used cast iron. They used iron to craft bridges for a long time. However, the cast-iron bridges would eventually collapse under the weight of steam locomotives. This made them turn to use wrought iron due to its flexibility and elasticity under the stress of the weight. 

Enter the Steel Age

Eventually, the Eads Bridge was built in 1874, and it was the first bridge made of steel arches. After that, the rest of the late 1800s boomed with steel structures and skyscrapers. It continued to rise in popularity during World War II when they used steel for military shelters and storage. Their ease of transportation and assembly made it popular and cost-effective during this time. It then made the universal standard for construction and building framing.

Current Steel Erection 

The steel industry took a hit in the early 200s since there was less construction than ever. It was the need for repairs on bridges and railroads that brought it back to life. Things have now evolved so that it’s not such a labor-intensive industry either. However, there’s still a record of about 35 fatal accidents a year with a death rate of 1 of 1,600 workers parish on site. 

Southwestern Industrial Steel Erection 

Our team has worked on various steel erection projects. We ensure that we keep our licenses and training up to date due to the various safety regulations and the planning involved with the process. If you want a team of professional and experienced workers, then look no further than Southwestern Industrial.