How Crane Safety Inspections Can Help Prevent Accidents

November 23, 2021


Muhjir Shajahan

Thankfully, there haven’t been any headlines on the news regarding crane collapses or accidents, but this doesn’t hinder the possibility for them to happen. It may seem like a hassle to have crane safety inspections done, but they are intended for the well being of workers, on and off a project site. Cranes and hoists are necessary equipment for many construction projects and applications. Although, they can easily be taken out of the picture if they pose a danger. We touch on how why and crane safety inspections are so vital and how they can help impede the possibility of on-site accidents. 

Taking Preventative Measures

Primarily, safety inspections are done in accordance with government regulations as well as meeting company standards. The reason why crane safety inspections are heavily mandated is because they leave minimal room for error! Despite the model or make of your crane, these inspections are necessary and are to be applied for proper functioning. These inspections check for cracks as they can develop due to excessive use and labor. Additionally, faulty electrical wiring, loose bolts, and much more internal parts are checked. By assessing any prevalent defects, you can prevent the potential for operation failure and injury to occur. 

Securing the Safety of Operators 

It’s not fair to your crane operators if they are assigned to work with a crane that hasn’t been inspected. With the knowledge that a crane operates in a state of security and to its full potential, the ability to use the system is ensured and guaranteed.

If you want your business or construction project to thrive, risk assessment is absolutely essential. If a crane fails to successfully lift or transport material or construction products, not only could damage and costly repairs come into play but severe injuries, possibility fatality, can be burdened upon your operator. Once more, inspecting your crane promises that operations can run smoothly. 

Extending Safety with Daily Inspections 

Daily inspections don’t have to consist of a deep assessment. A simple overall safety check is just enough before allowing a crane operator to take over. A quick inspection is intended to confirm the following:

  • The project area is clear
  • Crane is free of damages or cracks
  • Crane may need repair

It is also crucial to check that the end stops, hoist, and safety circuits are in place when taking a quick look at your crane. 

Choose Southwest Industrial for The Highest Level of Safety and Inspection 

We understand that some construction projects must continue, even during these unprecedented times. We are here to help conduct safety inspections for your cranes and other construction equipment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!