How Large Objects Were Moved Before the Crane

November 23, 2021


Muhjir Shajahan

Modern-day construction equipment has allowed the human race to create some amazing things in the names of architecture and art. From skyscrapers that reach the heavens to larger than life statues, very little has become impossible. Accomplishments as big as these are nothing new to humans though. We have been creating amazing things for thousands of years. The Pyramids and Great Wall of China didn’t build themselves. While mechanical cranes and other advanced construction equipment are great to have, people had to get a lot more creative back in the old days. 

Nothing but Man Power

While many may not think so, advanced machinery has existed for thousands of years. Of course, they were powered by nothing but brute strength, but they were insanely complicated pieces of machinery nonetheless. The first version of the modern was invented approximately 5,000 years ago. These cranes were cranked by dozens of men and it took hours to lift heavy objects off of the ground and placed in the desired areas. The only real difference we have between modern cranes and there is the amount of time it took to get the job done. These cranes have mainly used construction at first, but as technology developed, they were soon used for unloading goods from ships, hoisting sails, and for mining purposes. 

Ramps and Levers

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that work the best, especially if there isn’t electricity or fossil fuels available. Using ramps and wheels to push objects up or down inclines reduced the amount of force needed and distance that the object has to travel when building upwards. Levers were useful in that they reduced the amount of strength that was needed to hoist a heavy object off the ground. It is suspected that the ancient Egyptians used these methods to build the pyramids. It would have taken the strength of over 50 men to pull and push one 2.5 ton stone up to the top of a pyramid. 

Technology has obviously come a long way since the times of the pyramids. Without these simple yet innovative ways of building, we wouldn’t have the amazing buildings and pieces of art that we do today. Thanks to the innovation of the crane, we are able to build taller and faster. If you need a crane, don’t hesitate to contact Southwestern Industrial today. We are here for all of your professional hauling and rigging needs.