Military Equipment Hauling & a Brief History of the Tank

November 23, 2021


Southwestern Team

Here at Southwestern Industrial, our wide range of services has taken us all over the world. Part of the work we do is working for the United States military and helping them with minor construction projects and land surveying. We can also haul heavy equipment and armored vehicles like military tanks. Transporting these brilliantly engineered vehicles means we get a chance to come close to some of our U.S military’s best weapons. We thought we’d take a moment to look at some fun facts and a brief history of the tank.

If you’ve ever seen a war film, you have likely seen a representation of a military tank. These vehicles of war have come a long way in the past one hundred years. World War I marked the first use of a tank as a weapon of war. They were referred to as land ships, as they moved slowly, were heavy, but could carry a good amount of firepower. Not many people know that the great General George S. Patton— who had interestingly enough been stationed here in Fort Bliss —played a role in the development and advancement of the use of tanks in war. He was put in charge of establishing an AEF tank school in France. He took a crash course and led the way during peacetime, making good contributions to the tank that would be later implemented during the next worldwide conflict.

The tank, of course, replaced the cavalry and took warfare to a whole other level. These armored vehicles offered a certain amount of protection and heavy firepower, although much of the kinks still had to be worked out. The first military tanks were certainly not very fast. Once World War II came around, innovation had made some corrections to U.S military tanks. Hitler had, of course, been secretly working on his famous armada of Panzers, which will give the Americans plenty to worry about during the war. These vehicles were used to break through enemy trenches and maneuver through difficult terrain.

The United States introduced the Sherman tank as a counterattack to the famed and very much feared German Panzers. The M4 Sherman put up a good fight, as it was highly maneuverable and had some heavy firepower at its disposal. These Sherman vehicles came to dominate the Western Front. They proved to be accurate at hitting their targets.

And while not American, the Soviet Tank called T-34 came to revolutionize the design and construction of tanks during this conflict, playing its role in helping defeat the Nazis. It was pivotal, as it was particularly good at withstanding assaults from contemporary anti-tank weaponry. These tanks would make a considerable difference in the European theater.

Southwestern Industrial Helps Military Haul Heavy Armored Vehicles

In addition to helping our U.S military with construction projects and other work, we also help haul some heavy military armored vehicles and equipment. It’s always important to remember the innovation that helped us win the war in Europe and today continues to support and protect our boys on the ground. When it comes to hauling heavy equipment, Southwestern Industrial is the most trusted company in the region. Call us today for your hauling needs.