Rigging & Hauling During The Pandemic

November 23, 2021


Muhjir Shajahan

Every day, massive trucks barrel down the highway, carrying components both big and small. These trucks run at all hours of the day and night, becoming part of the desert landscape. These trucks have become like the trees and sand, fixtures of our experience, serving a purpose often unbeknownst to us. 

However, as the coronavirus has taken its toll on communities and commerce, the landscape has slowly thinned. In times like these, though, trucks still have a duty to keep the world moving. At Southwestern Industrial, we’ve been part of that group of people that work to keep the world moving. In this blog, we’ll discuss how rigging and hauling have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How Hauling Has Been Affected 

Hauling, despite the changes and layoffs plaguing the world economy, has been a booming industry. As is stated in this Spectrum News article, trucking is in huge demand. Unfortunately, many states have shut down their DMV offices, which can keep aspiring truckers from getting their licenses. In fact, unlike many industries, the coronavirus pandemic has made the need for hauling even greater than before. 

Much like many other commercial trucking companies, Southwestern Industrial has been working diligently to help other companies move and relocate their components. Hauling has been in high demand, and with states clamping down on their DMVs, the supply has been lacking. 

How Rigging And Hauling May Change

As discussed earlier, the rigging and hauling industry is booming at a time when everything seems to be slowing down. But how has rigging and hauling changed as the pandemic has swept across the globe? 

In some ways, hauling hasn’t actually changed too much. Since much of the job is solitary, those aspects of the job haven’t changed too much. Rigging, however, has needed better safety precautions, since that job requires multiple people. Like many industries, though, we’ve taken precautions to ensure that our staff has been as safe as possible. 

Overall, though, there hasn’t been much change in rigging and hauling. The only change has been a rise in demand, which has been relatively positive across the board. 

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