Safety Tips to Practice in Industrial Warehouses and Manufacturing

November 23, 2021


Muhjir Shajahan

Warehouse and industrial workplaces are admired for obtaining some of the hardest working employees and it’s no question as to why! Industrial workplaces are abundant with risks and high-performing equipment, thus, managers must take the necessary precautions to keep their employees in a safe manner. No one wants to get hurt, but sometimes we tend to neglect safety practices because it may take up extra time and safety to do so. A little extra time is always worth it if it means avoiding serious and life-threatening injuries. Additionally, being safety-oriented can help improve employees’ morale and productivity. If you are an employee in industrial and manufacturing-based workplaces, following safety protocols are in your best interest. We’ve provided some helpful tips to keep you and your coworkers safe at work.

Prevent Slips and Trips 

Slipping is the second most prevalent cause of nonfatal occupational injuries, so it is vital to ensure that aisles are clear and spills are immediately taken care of. If you are dealing with fluids, it could be helpful to utilize drip pans and guards. It might also be helpful to check your workplace to make sure that there are no holes, loose boards, or nails projecting from the floor that could cause any trips or falls. In areas that cannot easily be cleaned, it would be best to consider installing anti-slip flooring. 

Keep Work Areas and Emergency Exits Clear at All Times 

It is important to remove any clutter that may be blocking emergency exits, equipment shutoffs, and areas where work is taking place. A cluttered work area can lead to not having enough space to work with tools and impedes your ability to pick up heavy objects properly. Furthermore, a cluttered work area can be hazardous in regard to emergency exits in the case that you may not be able to quickly escape if an emergency occurs. 

Eliminate Fire Hazards and Flammable Items

If you are using combustible materials in your work environment, it advised that you only keep the amount you need for the task at hand. When you are not using flammable material, store the chemical in a designated safe storage area away from sources of ignition. Store combustible waste in metal receptacles and dispose of it daily and properly. 

Prevent Objects from Falling

Placement of objects and material is constantly overlooked in industrial workplaces when it could pose a threat to all working employees. To keep objects from falling, it is advised to utilize protection such as nets, toe boards, and toe rails. Not only that but it is also advised to stack boxes as straight as possible up and down and place heavier objects on lower shelves. Furthermore, it is vital to keep stacked objects away from aisles and work areas. 

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