The Importance of Mobile and Overhead Crane Inspections

November 23, 2021


Southwestern Team

If you work in construction and own a line of equipment that helps you get the job done, you know how important it is that the equipment remains functional and safe so no one on your team gets hurt and the job is completed in a satisfactory amount of time. This is where inspections come in. Inspections are performed regularly in order to detect possible issues with your machines and equipment. Some of the most common inspections include mobile and overhead crane inspections. Cranes can be especially dangerous to operate but they are also incredibly helpful when it comes to lifting heavy pieces of equipment, materials, and machinery at a construction site. Here is why mobile and overhead crane inspections are so important.

Reason #1: Inspections Help to Find Underlying Issues

Sometimes, issues develop with our machinery and equipment that are invisible to the naked, or just really hard to see. And it’s not until we’ve used the machine for a long while that the problems come to the surface and cause a lot of trouble. During an inspection, the qualified inspector will look for underlying issues that may not make themselves known right away. This helps to keep the machine in top condition and to avoid issues, injuries, and mechanical failures in the future.

Reason #2: They Also Find Parts That Need to Be Replaced

When issues arise, sometimes all it takes is for a part to be replaced to resolve the issue. During an inspection, our technicians will evaluate your cranes and other equipment for any damages and parts that need to be replaced. This way, your cranes and equipment will work smoothly use after use.

Reason #3: They Increase Safety and Minimize Work-Related Accidents

Safety is the number one priority on any construction site. With regular mobile and overhead crane inspections, you can minimize the issues created by malfunctioning, faulty, or damaged cranes and machinery, thus ensuring the construction site stays safe and accidents are minimized.

Reason #4: OSHA Requires Regular Inspections

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration actually requires regular inspections on all of your cranes, equipment, and machinery. By receiving regular mobile and overhead crane inspections, you can ensure that your company is staying up to date with OSHA requirements.

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