The Secret to a Successful Hauling Operation — Strategy and Equipment

November 23, 2021


Southwestern Team

History’s great war generals tend to share a few similar qualities and then possess their own individual idiosyncrasies. One thing they share, however, is an understanding of strategy and adherence to strategic moves that require forethought, knowledge of the enemy, and more. Why are we talking about war generals? Well, this month is Veterans Day and given that we work with the military a lot, we like to think about some of the great men and great achievements that have passed through the ranks of U.S military history.It’s also because we thought we’d take a moment to look at strategy and how the understanding of process helps us do the job of a plant relocation that much better. 

During World War II, for example, it wasn’t just the foot soldiers and infantry that had to make their way through foreign terrain. Many times, it also involved moving equipment across large swaths of land and figuring out the best strategy to do so. When it comes to a job that requires a lot of variables and large and heavy equipment, strategy and planning is everything. If you’re looking for a plant relocation or the movement of heavy equipment, Southwestern Industrial has your back. Here are a couple of things that we start with:

  • Review the condition of the equipment. This will make an assessment as to whether this particular piece of equipment is worth a direct relocation or requires some repair beforehand, etc. 
  • Scheduling and evolution planning. This is perhaps the key to the overall strategy. This will take some coordination with the plant engineer. A detailed schedule should be created and adhered to in order to keep the process smooth. 
  • Special instructions for the equipment. The understanding of specifications regarding certain pieces of heavy equipment and their specific requirements when it comes to their disconnection, dismantling, crating, loading, and protecting. 
  • Coordination. This is an important part of the strategy. We ensure that we have proper coordination with the plant engineer so that as equipment arrives it is properly placed and installed. Once equipment and utilities are connected the relocation contractor performs a test to make sure everything is working right and equipment functions. 

Equipment We Move

When it comes to major plant relocations, we know that there is a variety of heavy equipment that will be moved. Some of the main pieces that we specialize in transferring include:

  • Cranes
  • Bulldozers
  • Loaders
  • Tractors
  • Shovels 

When It Comes To Strategy, We’re At the Top of the Game

It’s amazing to think about the kind of movement that is possible with the right strategy. The movement of tons of supplies, materials, ammo, tanks, and vehicles that was done under dire conditions, with little resources, with little time and very very high stakes is still an amazing feat of U.S military might. At the same time, the movement of troops and strategic movement in battles is key to understanding how the war was ultimately won. 

Here at Southwestern Industrial, we ensure that the planning and coordination stages are done with care and the utmost consideration so that everything happens smoothly and develops as it should. With plant relocation, we are your trusted name. Give us a call today.