What Does It Mean to Partner With a Green Corporation for Plant Relocations

November 23, 2021


Southwestern Team

There are many different definitions or ideals for the term “going green.” More than ever, businesses small and large are placing the words in front of their name but there’s not always evidence to back their claims. At Southwestern Industrial Contractors & Riggers, we believe in being transparent in everything we do.

From rigging and hauling to crane inspection and storage, and plant relocations, our services take into account the environment, its species, and whether the land has social or religious significance. Our role as a green corporation is to ensure that any site we work on meets a specific set of standards. In some cases, an anthropological or ecological site audit may be required. No matter what the project entails, our goal is to always keep our environment values at the core of what we do.

Defining Eco-Friendly

As an environmentally-friendly corporation, we focus on both the environment and human safety concerns. While there are numerous examples of this, in our industry it’s primarily about preserving land that has social and cultural importance. Examples of this include if we take on a plant relocation project that is requesting to move to a site that has species that will be killed off as a result of the project, we will do our efforts to maintain the land, proving that it shouldn’t be occupied or changed.

Why Choose This Route?

The reason we stand firm in this method is that preservation holds more value than any other new construction. Through land conservation, the land is not seen as mere space but rather has intrinsic value that makes it much more valuable in itself by simply existing. We realize that not everyone shares these same values and we respect their beliefs. When you partner with us if the land in which you plan to build upon could potentially be preserved, we will recommend a site remediation or reclamation programs for both salvage efforts and plant relocations.  

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