What To Consider When Relocating A Facility

November 23, 2021


Southwestern Team

There are several challenges when relocating your entire plant or production lines. You could be moving down the street, or even do a different country. When going through the choosing process of relocating your plant, there are a few things that you need to consider so that you can be ready for Southwest Industrial to get your equipment going. You could be moving due to downsizing, expanding, merging, or even getting a new facility. Whatever the reason, we know that you want it done right.

Knowing Your Relocation Size and Space

If you’re moving into a facility, sometimes this could mean that you’re taking over a spot. Make sure that your blueprints are the most updated available. It may have existed for years, but any small upgrade or adjustment could mean a heavy piece of equipment may no longer fit there, or match with safety expectations. You’ll need this to know how and where to place your equipment once you move in. You want the most efficient and smoothest route possible when unloading and setting up your gear.

What Are You Relocating

Know exactly what you’re transferring before anything. Many places sell or auction off their equipment to save money and stress during big moves. Keep an organized list of your equipment, size, weight, and their parts. Large industrial-sized equipment is what Southwest Industrial is known for hauling, but we need to know precisely what we’re moving to. Not all machines are created equal, so we have specific haulers for certain types of equipment. Knowing every piece of your machines will make it easier to set-up at your new space. During this process, you can deep dive into the condition of your machines and know what’s worth or able to move or not. This also helps determine the types of packaging that you will need to protect your equipment as well.

Develop A Schedule

The most important thing is developing a proper schedule so all of this can get done. Moving into a new facility isn’t like moving into a new home. There must be precision with each movement and scheduled pick up and drop off dates to ensure everything falls into place. This is to help prevent downtime for your company and pick up where you left off without missing a beat.

We’ll Get You Where You Need To Be, Yesterday

We thrive on getting your business up and running now, not tomorrow. With a well-prepared layout ready, we will make sure that you’ll know why we’re a preferred hauler. Contact us today for more information and see how we can make your move the move of your dreams.